Useful Resources

Welcome to our Useful sites and resources page. For those that are new to fishing and identifying various fish species, this page should serve you quite well. The best thing about fishing, boating, and being outdoors, in general, is that there is still so much left to discover. While some people are experts in various areas, there is always more to learn.

Listed below are a few websites that we find useful and we hope you do too.


This site has a large database of fish species that you can use to identify your catches. While most people are going to be familiar with the fish in their region, you may not know the fish in an area you’ve never been before.


Jackle Junky is one of our favorite YouTubers for tacklebox fishing, guides, and information. He has a great number of videos on the topic of fishing and tons of practical information to put to use.

While this page may be small currently. We plan to update this periodically as we think of more to add. Stay tuned!