Top 6 Things to Do in Lake District

The Lake District is a mountain region in Cumbria, and it is a perfect holiday destination. The Lake District is also designated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2017. There are wide ranges of activities to do here, and it is a great place to spend time with your family and friends. The soaring mountains and breathtaking lakes and landscapes mesmerize you, and the Lake District will keep you wanting to explore more and more.

Top 6 Things to Do in Lake District

The following are some of the top things to do in Lake District:

Wordsworth’s house:

William Wordsworth had a beautiful cottage in the Lake District, and the Wordsworth Trust now owns it. The cottage is filled with the poet’s things including his ice skates, reading glasses and even his passport. You will also be able to see a portrait of his god, and it was given to Wordsworth by Sir Walter Scott. He often sat in the backyard of this cottage and composed most of his poetry. When you visit the cottage, it gives you such a warm feeling, especially if you love reading his poems.

Hiking in Great Langdale:

Great Langdale is one of the most popular spots for hiking in Lake District. Most hikers prefer to hike in the Langdale Pikes which is a chain of hills on the northern part. But people who want to take more challenge would prefer to take Crinkle Crags and Bowfell.

Newlands Valley:

The open countryside is a beautiful place to escape from the crowd. You get to see some of the best landscapes, and it is very quiet and calm. There is a 10-mile loop around the valley where you can wander around and see the beauty of nature.

Lake District National Park:

The national park has some of the largest parks and lakes and some lovely scenery which you will never forget. It is the place which has inspired many poets and artists to come up with many beautiful poems. There are plenty of options for you to explore the national park. You can hike, walk, boat and even drive around to see the beauty of Lake District.

Lake Windermere:

Lake Windermere is a popular lake, and it is also quite busy. It is about 16km long. At the southern part of the lake, there is the Haverthwaite Steam Railway which will take you to the Laven Valley. You also have lake cruises and aquarium. It is also a beautiful place to have a picnic, and you are allowed to hire a boat and explore the river.

Castlerigg Stone Circle:

These stones are from the Neolithic Period, and they are more than 30 meters in diameter. They are about 2 meters high, and it is such a pleasant thing to watch when the sun sets.