Clean Your Aquarium Glass with These 3 Easy-to-Use Tools

Owning an aquarium at home and see the lively inhabitants inside it is a wonderful sight to see. In order to maintain the beauty of an aquarium, it’s important to keep it sparkly clean. But what are the best ways to clean an aquarium glass? Cleaning an aquarium requires patience in order to thoroughly clean the algae inside it and also prevent scratching in the process.

If the exterior of the aquarium is dirty, it’ll be hard to see the fish clearly. So it’s important to clean not just the inside, but also the outside.

Cleaning the exterior of the aquarium is easy. Take note that you’ll probably spot hard water accumulations on the exterior which will require thorough cleansing. In order to remove them, use a soft towel rinsed in warm water and rub it on the accumulations until it’s gone. For synthetic portions, you can use a specific cleaning solution. Keep in mind not to use domestic glass cleaning sprays as this can enter the tank and harm the fish.

Instead, you can use these easy-to-use tools to clean the interior of the aquarium:

  1. Sponge

  • Sponge is the easiest way to clean the interior of the aquarium. They are soft and squishy so rest assured your aquarium won’t be scratched while using this tool. Be gentle on cleaning and don’t perform too much hand movement as it may terrify the fishes.
  1. Magnetic Glass Wall Cleaner

  • This type of cleaner has two magnetic attachments, one with a cleaning pad. Place the padded part on the inside with the pad facing the glass, and place the other part on the outside to hold the padded part inside. Gently slide the cleaner all over the aquarium especially those parts with thick algae.
  1. Algae Scrapper

  • If the amount of algae residing inside the aquarium is uncontrollable, use an algae scrapper to scrape out that hard-to-remove algae. This tool is quite sharp so make sure to gently scrape it in a slow manner to prevent the glass from scratching.