Things you didn’t know about Sharks

There are many misunderstandings about sharks as we do not know many things about them. When we hear the word sharks, we think that it is a large fish with sharp teeth and as it is capable of swimming very fast we think of it as one of the deadliest animals in the sea. But not all sharks have that stereotype; the following are some of the facts you did not know about sharks:

Things you didn't know about Sharks

Whale Shark:

The species of whale shark are one of the largest fish in the world, and they are about 5 to 10 meters. But you need not be alarmed by these sharks as they are harmless and they feed only on smaller fishes and planktons.

Dermal denticles:

We may think that the most frightening parts of sharks are its teeth, but little do we know that their entire body is covered with dermal denticles which are tooth-like scales. These scales are extremely sharp, and you will not want to rub the shark in the wrong way.

Detect weak electric fields:

Sharks can detect humans with the help of electromagnetic fields. They have electroreceptor in their pores which are around their mouth, and when electromagnetic fields are created by any muscle contraction or movement by any living organisms, sharks will be able to sense those movements. You can never hide from sharks, and they can spot you no matter what happens.


The Hammerheads have a 360-degree view, and this allows them to look for their prey efficiently. These sharks have a distinct looking head, but it is suitable for it to view its surroundings in a better way.

Sharks and Airplanes:

Sharks move in water just like how aeroplanes move in the air. Just like how the propeller of the aeroplanes creates airflow over the wings of a plane the sharks use its tails to force water over its fins so that it can move swiftly in water. They have dorsal fins which they use for stability.

Sharks can’t get any cavities:

Most of the species of sharks have their teeth coated with fluoride; this coating allows them to have strong teeth and they do not have any change to get cavities.

Sharks don’t enjoy the taste of a human:

If a shark has ever bit a human before, it never comes back to you as they don’t enjoy the taste of human beings. Once they figure out that you are not a marine animal, they will avoid you.

Commercial fishing:

Millions of sharks get killed as a result of commercial fishing every year. In China, shark fin soup is quite popular, and people cut off the fins of the sharks and let it back in the sea, but they die quickly as they will not be able to swim properly.