10 Best Fishes for Your Aquascape Aquarium

It can be a hard task to find the best fish that compliments your planted aquascape. But worry no more because we got you covered. Below, we provided a list of 10 best fishes that are recommended by aquascape professionals in the industry. In this article, each species are explained carefully which one of them is the best and what are their effects to the underwater environment. So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at them.

1.       Ember Tetra

          Ember Tetra is one of the popular fishes that carries a bright orange color. This type of fish is extremely small in size which can make your aquarium look larger since the fish occupies the empty space. The name “Ember” is made because of their bright orange coloration. These type of fishes often swim in schools which results in a bright trail of color underwater. They prefer living in a lower pH environment that’s usually found in planted aquascapes which makes them an excellent choice for your aquascaping needs.

2.       Cardinal Tetras

          Cardinal Tetras are popular due to their bright neon coloration. Cardinal Tetras is your best choice if color is your primary concern. They are brighter, costly, and can grow quite large compared to Ember Tetras. Cardinal Tetras also live longer than Ember Tetras. It’s advisable to get a 55+ Gallon aquarium since this type of fish enjoy to school so much that it needs a larger environment to begin with. Cardinals can also grow up to 1.5 inches.

3.       Neon Tetra

          Neon Tetras shares a small similarity with the Cardinal Tetra. But how can we tell them apart? Simple! Cardinal Tetras hold their coloration from the tip of their mouth to the end of their tail. While Neon Tetras on the other hand, has a small break in the red lining on their side. Neon Tetras’ has a white-silver coloration on their belly’s and will not grow as large like the Cardinal Tetras. Neon Tetras are very affordable and can be the best budget solution if you want a school of fish in your aquarium.

4.       Harlequin Tetra

          The Harlequin Tetra is also a popular aquascaping fish because of their small size and bright reflective coloration. This fish can grow over to 1 inch in length and can also live for up to 10 years. They carry a rose-colored sheen that runs down their back that forms like an L shape. Harlequin Tetra is an excellent community fish and are fully compatible with planted aquascapes.

5.       Rainbows

          Rainbow fishes has natural bright colorations that reflects to light which can make your aquarium colorful. Rainbow fishes’ scales are mirrored which adds radiance to their coloration. They usually reside into lower pH that’s associated with planted aquariums from the CO2 injection and substrate that’s used. Smaller rainbow fishes are more popular because of their small sizes which adds depth and school in the aquarium. Rainbow fishes such as the Spotted Blue Eye, Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish, and the Threadfin Rainbowfish are hard to find but comes at an affordable price point.

6.       Angel Fish

          Angel Fish can easily adapt to water changes compared to other fishes. Because of this, a heavy setup of CO2 should utilize a solenoid valve that cuts CO2 during night hours. This can help to minimize CO2 input while the plants are respiring and preventing a drop in the aquariums pH. Takashi Amano has a different type of Angelfish in his home named the “Altum Angelfish”. This type of Angelfish requires careful monitoring and should be fed regularly. However, standard angelfishes can grow quite large which makes them perfect for large aquariums.

7.       Discus

          Discus fish originated from the Amazon. Their unique and bright coloration is needed in murky waters to find and attract a partner. Discus also prefers waters with a lower pH that’s identical to the ones found in CO2 aquascapes. However, Discus can grow quite large and as a result, needs a bigger aquarium that can hold up to 100 gallons. Combining them with Tetras can result to a colorful depth in the aquarium that’s attractive to look at.

8.       Guppy

          Guppy fishes are one of the most brightest and hardiest fish among all fishes. Male Guppy’s has a bright, large tail that signals status and are used to attract females. Guppy’s coloration are so intense that it exists in almost every possible shade. This makes them a perfect choice for aquarist who’s looking for a particular color that compliments to their aquascape. Guppy’s prefer to live on slower moving environments. Guppy’s should also be kept with their own species as they were susceptible to other species nipping their fins.

9.       Chili Rasbora

          The Chili Rasbora is a small fish with a striking red coloration. This type of fish is excellent in schooling and you’ll find them staying tightly together when you put them in an aquarium. This results into a beautiful trailing effect as they move from side to side of the aquarium. They are one of the hard-to-find species compared to other Rasboras since Chili Rasbora is one of the premium kind. Also, it’s recommended to put them in a 55gal aquarium despite of their small size so that they can freely move while schooling.


10.   Dwarf Gourami

          This type of fish has an excellent personality with bright and reflective colorations. Dwarf Gouramis can grow up to 3 inches in size but are commonly seen around 2 inches in length. Because of this, it is advisable to put them in large aquariums where they can move freely. Aquascapes is the perfect place for this type of fish. They bond well with other fishes and can add bright red and blue colors to your aquarium.